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Sculptures Available for Purchase

If you are interested in acquiring one of my animal sculptures I will be happy to send you more photos and information. or

Ramiel, Angel of Thunder

TITLE:  Ramiel -Warhorse   
Media: Mixed
Size: 40"Hx 28"Dx 20"D

TITLE: Fauna.  2023                   
Media:  Mixed 
Size:  26HX 18Dx10W

TITLE: Preston     2023      
Media:  Mixed 
Size:  36HX 16Dx19W 

TITLE:  Fiona 
Media:    Mixed
Size:  25x 15 x 20

Sparkles  .jpeg

TITLE:  Sparkles 
Media: Mixed 
Size:  14x 9x 11

Paper mache rabbit sculpture, textile art, Roseblade Art

TITLE:  The Bee Keeper
Media:  Paper Mache - Mixed Media
Size: 21x15x15

Paper mache rabbit, roseblade art, geisha rabbit, textile art

TITLE:  Usagi
Media:  Paper Mache - Mixed Media
Size:  23x12x8 


TITLE:  The Tramp 
Media: Painted Ceramic
Size:  16x 8 x8

White Rabbit

TITLE:  White Rabbit 
Media: Painted Ceramic 
Size:  14x 10x 9 


TITLE: Foxworthy 
Media: Painted Ceramic
Size: 12x 10x 11


TITLE: Poppy  
Media:Painted Ceramic
Size: 15x 6x 6 


TITLE:   Best Boy
Media:  Painted Ceramic

Ms. Evelyn

TITLE: Ms. Evelyn  
Media: Mixed
Size:  17x 10 x 8

Jinx and Cheeze, Roadies for the Fillmore

TITLE:  jinx and Cheezy - Roadies at the Fillmore West  
Media:   Mixed

  Please contact me, for sales, shipping and tax information.  

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We accept, all major credit cards and checks.

Shipping: UPS, FEDX, USPS

Tax:  Washington State Tax 8.3

Caution:  Shipping outside of Continental U.S. can be quite expensive. 

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