New Work  2020-2021

      "2020 was the year we all walked in a new, and at times, scary landscape.    I believe artists everywhere were affected by the unprecedented distress of politics and epidemics.   Many of us turned to gardening, digging our hands into the earth reaching for something solid and grounded to hang on to.  Our gardens never looked better!  However, there was also time to get lost in our art.  My studio was a refuge and my art a working meditation.”                                                                                                                                                                               Susan

Paper mache horse and rabbit, mixed media, beading art, textile art

Ambassador Benedict and His Steed Hercules


Porthos takes Count Olaf on Mythical Jou

Porthos takes Count Olaf on a Mystical Journey


Roseblade Art deer trophy art, beading arts, mixed media

Archer's Dream


Jinx and Cheeze, Roadies for the Fillmor

Roadies for the Fillmore West: Jinx and his side kick Cheezy