My Art... 

       My sculpture and paintings represent my own sense of iconic imagery and exhibit my love of the theatrical through embellishment, textiles, and collage.  My focus on “the face” -- both animal and human -- is a reflection of the millions of faces that surround me, how I read them and how they make me feel.   I have an obsession with rabbits and a desire to anthropomorphize all of them.  Thus, they find themselves in interesting places and situations, often creating their own narrative. 


       Some of my inspirations spring from a love of tribal masks, theater, the Russian dancer and designer Diaghilev, and contemporary artists Julie Taymor and Sherry Markovitz.

My Bio......

I received my B.A. in art from the University of Puget Sound and studied painting at the Honolulu Academy of Art.  After teaching art in middle school,  I discovered an interest in theater and explored acting, designing, and directing for the stage.  This magical world deepened my interest in metaphor and archetypes.  I feel my art is a result of all these experiences and interests blending together to inform my artistic direction. 

        Susan Williams is also the author of,  Shades of Grief, a memoir recounting the author's unique personal odyssey in the aftermath of an ill-fated plane crash that killed the author's husband, the pilot, and three of his closest friends.  Adrift in grief, and without faith in the “eternal hereafter,” Susan's spiritual journey led her through various shades of darkness and finally into a light of understanding.

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