Masks as Wall Art...

The power of masks 

      Years ago I was warned that masks exude a lot of power.  When I began my own collection of African masks I understood what that meant.  Their ability to communicate thought and emotion is fascinating and provocative.      


       I actually created masks long before being engaged with sculpting and painting rabbits.   In a way they were the genesis for what was to come later.  Today I build each mask from papier mache or clay, enhanced with acrylic paint, feathers, vintage and hand-painted textiles, glass beads, and vintage fibers and metals. 

      My masks are at times whimsical and sometimes tribal, often incorporating the Huichol Indian method of laying beads in beeswax. The masks are also an adventure, as they always demand that the viewer explore a more mythic reality. Prices range from $600-1200.

Princess Te'