Let me introduce myself!

       Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!  

       My husband, Keith, and I live on five acres on the south end of  San Juan Island, Washington.  The local wildlife have granted us rights to share their land and we unintentionally augment their diet with our beautiful gardens!  Keith's guitar serenades entertain us all and when he plays, "How Much is that Doggy in the Window", our little dog, Bucky Bear,  actually howls along.  Definitely his favorite tune!

        I would like to share a few photos of myself, our dog child, my studio, and the garden. 

                                      We are all like the garden, constantly evolving!            

Studio exterior
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                  Bucky Bear,    Alias: Buck, Baby, Sir Buckington
Mr. Bear accepts clients in his office, his 2007 Prius, daily. 
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