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Spring - Summer 2023
Studio appointments are available April 15-October 15.   Phone: 360 378 4454 

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Fauna R.jpg
Fauna                                                 $2300
Preson Full _edited.jpg
Preston                                               $2300
Porthos and Count Olaff Take a Mystical Journey
Porthos and Count Olaff Take a Mystical Journey.                                                 Sold
Sir Reggie
Sir Reggie             \.                                                 SOLD 
Ramsess IV
Ramsess.                                              Sold


        I am a sculptor and painter living in Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands in Washington State.  My art is greatly influenced by this beautiful place where wildlife abounds and daily visits from deer, fox, raccoons, eagles and rabbits enrich my life and become subjects for my animal  sculptures.  

        My work in textiles, painting and beading arts are inherrent to in my work and often dance across the surface of each one of a kind sculpture.  All of my art invokes narrative and encourages the observer to become involved with the unique story each piece reveals.  

Me & Icarus .jpeg
Fox Trophy art, Beaded Sculpture, Beaded Fox, Decorative Trophy Art
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