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        I am an artist living on San Juan Island, located on the Straights of Juan de Fuca in Washington State.  My art has been greatly influenced by this beautiful place where wildlife abounds and  daily visits by deer, fox, raccoons, eagles and rabbits enrich my life.  As subject matter these creatures always fire up my imagination.  Their individual beauty and majesty inspire my personal homage to them as expressed through my clay and paper mache sculptures.  My love of textile, painting and beading arts is always evident in my work weaving across the surface of each one of a kind piece.  All of my work invokes narrative.  Each piece has a unique story to tell and all of my transformed creatures live in their own special world.



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Spring 2021

Anacortes Art Festival

On Line Auction.    March 8-20, 2021

Vincent's Wife, Violet

Mixed Media Sculpture, featuring Vintage velvets, hand embroidery, beading, mixed tetiles, and vintage metals

Roseblade Art Spring 2021 Anacortes Art Festival Auction

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