2019-20 Awards. 

A heartfelt thank you for all of those who have supported me and invited my creations into their home. 

Of particular significance was receiving three awards  from: 

Anacortes Art on the Pier.

Bill Mitchell Memorial Award

Art in the Schools Purchase

People's Choice Award


San Juan Island Museum of Art, Artist Registry Show 2020

People's Choice Award 

New Transformations 2020!
Archer's Dream

Porthos takes Count Olaf on a

Mythical Journey

Ophelia Stars as Violetta in
La Traviata

All  of my one of a kind  sculptures are handmade and embody a distinct personality all their own.  Costuming is a vital part of each creation, defining a personality and a cultural heritage specific to each piece.  They all inhabit an imaginary world in their own time and place and incorporate a variety of methods and materials including papier mache, ceramics, beading, textile arts,  beading, embroidery, oil and acrylic painting and the incorporation of found objects. 


Winner of the People's Choice Award at San Juan Island's Museum of Art Artist Registry Show 2020


ORPHEUS                                                      SOLD

ORPHEUS  is appearing at the


Anacortes Art on the Pier  

Art in the Schools Award 

Anacorted Yates the Flying Peddler .jpg
Yates The Flying Peddler   SOLD

         This was fun! Influenced by the traveling peddlers of medieval days.  Yates carries an assortment of papers, packages and precious objects to sell and trade.  Right now he and Percival, the flying bird, are taking a well deserved rest after a long flight.  

Wildlife Takes Revenge, Taxidermy Reimagined!

My husband and I share our homestead with a multitude of deer, fox and racoon.  I have always felt that they need armor to protect them against humans, and I like to imagine a species of deer that is fierce, commanding, and formidable. Indeed they would wear armour!

Benny's Ride!                           SOLD

Benny's fish mobile kept me smiling throughout it's transformation.  What a world it would be if rabbits had cars.

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