Yates The Flying Peddler    sold

Purchased by the Anacortes Art Festival for their

first annual

Art in the Schools Award 

         This was fun! Influenced by the traveling peddlers of medieval days.  Yates carries an assortment of papers, packages and precious objects to sell and trade.  Right now he and Percival, the flying bird, are taking a well deserved rest after a long flight.  

All  of my one of a kind  sculptures

are handmade and embody a distinct personality all their own.  Costuming is a vital part of each creation, defining a personality and a cultural heritage specific to each piece.    They all inhabit an imaginary world in their own time and place and incorporate a variety of methods and materials including papier mache, ceramics, beading, textile arts,  beading, embroidery, oil and acrylic painting and the incorporation of found objects. 



fox sculpture, fox librarian, fox dressed up

The Librarian       SOLD

Briget           Sold


Dominica                         SOLD

      The Librarian reads from the text of "Rosarium" in celebration of the liberation of his fellow creatures!

       As I work on these imaginary creatures I often find that they inform me.  They tell me who they are and I am along for the ride!

The White Rabbit
Benny's Ride!

       Benny's car is a fish!  Old wooden fans, have transformed into tail and fins!  Benny says he feels pretty cool cruising in this rig!

Rabbit Sculpture, Mixed Media Rabbit, Paper mache Rabbit, Beaded Rabbit
Usagi, Geisha Rabbit, Rabbit paper mache, rabbit sculpture, rabbit bust, rabbit in costume, geisha rabbit

Usagi as Geisha


Spector, beaded deer, deer sculpture

Spector                   Sold

Benji Transforms     SOLD


Paper Mache Rabbit, Time Keeper, Fabric Art,
Verdi's Time Keeper     Sold

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Rabbit Sculpture, Paper Mache Rabbit, Bee keeper,

The Bee Keeper